JEN BRADWELL film + video editor



Time for Ilhan (Co-editor)

Director Norah Shapiro, in progress

The underdog campaign story of Ilhan Omar, a proud, hijab-wearing refugee and the first person of Somali descent to become a legislator in the United States.


Bleeding Audio

Director Chelsea Christer, in progress

Chronicling the rise and fall and resurgence of punk darlings The Matches, the band's story is a parable for upheaval in the music industry in the internet age.


Redneck Muslim

Director Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, 2017

Short documentary about Shane Atkinson, a white "good old boy" from Mississippi who converted Islam in 1999.  Shane is exploring ways to honor his Southern heritage while also challenging white supremacy.


In the Wake of Ghost Ship

Director Jason Blalock, 2017

Short documentary for Field of Vision about the crackdown on live/work art spaces since the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland killed 36.


Killing the Colorado

Director Jesse Moss, 2016

One in a trilogy of short documentaries about the manmade water shortages that threaten the survival of the American West. Produced by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman for the Discovery Channel.



Director Adithya Sambamurthy, 2016

The housing crisis in the city of Antioch, California has exacerbated a strange problem: the town is overrun by thousands of feral cats. While cat lovers and bird lovers battle at city council meetings, a more serious issue is raised: millions of cats around the world are decimating native birds and other wildlife. What is our responsibility? Produced by the Center for Investigative Reporting.



Director James Redford, 2015

New research which links stressful childhoods to lifelong health and social problems -- everything from heart disease to domestic violence --  also reveals simple solutions that can offset these risks. Resilience chronicles the birth of a new movement among pediatricians, therapists, educators and communities to become trauma-informed. Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival.


Paper Tigers

Director James Redford, 2015

A verite-driven year in the life of an alternative high school in impoverished Walla Walla, Washington. Taking a radically different yet simple approach to discipline, and armed with new research about the effects of stress on the brains of growing children, Lincoln High School has significantly reduced the drop out rates among their students.


Toxic Hot Seat

Directors James Redford and Kirby Walker, 2013

Every American household has upwards of a pound of flame retardant chemicals in their furniture. Not only do they cause serious health problems, but they don’t do anything to stop fires or prevent their spread. However, they do make billions of dollars a year for the chemical industry. This feature doc for HBO is a David and Goliath story about a group of activists, journalists and politicians who go up against a multi-billion dollar industry lobby, and win.


The Illness and the Odyssey

Director Berry Minott, 2012

Since World War II, top-notch scientists have been trying to figure out what causes a mysterious and deadly disease on Guam that the native population calls Lytico-Bodig. With symptoms ranging from those of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS, cracking the code of this unique disease in this isolated location may lead to a cure for a whole host of neurological diseases. Featuring Dr. Oliver Sacks.


The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

Director Jamie Redford, 2011

There are a disproportionate number of Nobel Prize winners who are dyslexic. There are also a disproportionate number of people in prison who have dyslexia. This film follows the struggles of students coming to terms with the stigma and the reality of their learning disability, and features interviews from celebrity dyslexics like Richard Branson, Charles Schwab and Gavin Newsom. Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival.


Something Ventured: The Untold Story of the Original Venture Capitalists

Directors Dan Geller & Dayna Goldfine, 2010

The surprising story of the American business phenomenon which gave birth to such revolutionary companies as Apple, Atari, Genentech and Cisco, as told by those who were there at the beginning: visionary entrepreneurs and the men who were willing to take a chance on them. Big ideas, big risk and big egos abound.


Getting Past Impossible: Forrest Gump and the Visual Effects Revolution

Director Kim Aubry, 2009

Half-hour behind-the-scenes documentary for Paramount’s Blu-ray release of Forrest Gump. Going beyond the “how’d they do that?” approach, this doc includes a history of visual effects techniques, from photochemical to digital, and the amazing technological innovations happening at Industrial Light and Magic in the mid-nineties.


MINE: Taken by Katrina

Director Geralyn Pezanoski, 2009

After the last of the residents were evacuated from a flooded New Orleans, over 100,000 animals remained stranded in the devastated city. This emotional, character-driven film follows some of the displaced pet owners faced with the daunting task of trying to reunite with their animals who have been adopted by families all over the country, and chronicles the custody battles that arise when two families love the same pet. Winner SXSW Documentary Audience Award.


Motherland (Associate Editor)

Director Jennifer Steinman, 2008

An honest and intimate meditation on grief, Motherland is about six mothers who have each suffered an unthinkable tragedy: the loss of a child. Traveling to South Africa to do aid work with children, the film chronicles their journey of hope and healing. Winner SXSW Emerging Visions Audience Award.


Current TV

Various Producers, 2008

Pioneering, Emmy-winning cable network started by Al Gore, featuring news and culture-related programming, and an interactive community supplying viewer-created content.


Laughing Matters…The Men

Director Andrea Meyerson, 2007

Produced for Logo Network, this is the third in a popular documentary series on gay comics. “...The Men” represents six pioneers of gay stand up comedy, including Bruce Vilanch and Bob Smith.


The Monastery

Director Dyanna Taylor, 2006

Documentary mini-series for The Learning Channel following five secular women as they attempt to live the life of a nun. Staying cloistered in a monastery for forty days and forty nights, they learn what monastic values might be relevant to their modern lives.


Boys in Winter

Director Mark Reese, 2002

This feature documentary depicts the last year in the life of famed Brooklyn Dodger Pee Wee Reese, and considers how fans deal with the aging and dying of beloved athletes.







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